Stichting Steun Zimbabwe

Takemore Siachamwaika

Hij schrijft:
“As a young man who grew up in the remote rural area of chief Mola in Kariba district, i am very proud to narrated my life story. What makes me proud is that  I am a holder of Bsc(hon) Computer Science from Midlands State University. This would not have been possible had it not been because of SSZ sponsors.

As a young boy growing up in a remote rural area  , I had no financial backing like other students. I strugled to make ends meet. My mother and father are very poor peasant farmers who had no money to pay for my school fees. So I had to look for ways to pay for school feels. During the first term my father sold three goats in order to pay for my fees. However it was not so for the second term as there was no more goats to send to the market. Thanks to Mr chirume my history teacher who gave me his old camera  as a gift. I used the camera to take photographs of other students at school and in the community to raise money for school fees. This camera helped a lot until it was stolen. Now I had no means to further my education. I was forced to drop out of schoolfor almost three weeks. It was then that my class teacher sent for me.

I narrated my ordeal to my class teacher who then introduced to Social welfare. Social welfare took over the problem of school fess. After my O level social welfare would not continue with me. They only funded up to o level. That was  the time when my life changed tremendously. I had passed o level, but  could not go further because of financial constraints. I contacted one of my expatriate teacher miss Von Loenen who enrolled me to SSZ for my advanced level and later University.

After graduation I worked with same college for 3 years . I left zimbabwe and worked in Botswana thanks to SSZ. Now I have been offered a place to study Msc Information management at Midlands State university starting in August. At present I am a proud teacher at Chitombo high school in rural Gokwe in Zimbabwe.”