Stichting Steun Zimbabwe

Martin Dube

Martin Dube heeft rechten gestudeerd in Zimbabwe en is jarenlang ondersteund door Stichting Steun Zimbabwe. Hij schrijft daarover het volgende.

“I was born on 17 April 1983 in a small town in Zimbabwe called Kadoma. My mother ia nurse and my father is a teacher. During the time when we grew up the economic situation was normal. However it was not until 2000 when I was doing my advanced level studies that the economic and political situatin in this country became to deteriorate alarmingly. It was clear that proceeding to University to fulfil my dream of studying law was not going to be easy.

We where reduced from being middle-class to abject poverty.  My parents’ jobs where no longer as rewarding. In my case the fortunate part is that I became friends with one Peace Mudzimba. I do not know how he got information regarding Stichting Steun-Zim but what I do know is that it changed my life forever.  He gave me the address and as I was waiting for my Advanced Level results I sent a letter by post to this Organization and subsequently I got a positive response. I was subsequently awarded a scholarship to do a Law Degree with Great Zimbabwe University in 2002.The scholarship covered tuition and I was able to purchase study material.

Great Zimbabwe University was a college in its infancy. It did not meet the required standards to offer a Law Degree so in 2004 when we were half-way through the course the University was closed by the Law Society and the Council for Legal Education in the same year. The whole Law Department was transferred to the University Of Zimbabwe where  we had to start the four-year course all over again. The Organisation kept on supporting me even through 2008 which is recorded as the worst year in Zimbabwean history(my father’s salary could not buy a loaf of bread). I finished my course SIX years after I had started it. Through thick and thin I sailed through, thanks to Stichting Steun Zim who cushioned me and raised me to be the lawyer that I am today.

I may not know who started this Organisation but whoever it is made a difference in my life. I will be forever grateful. There is no cause more  noble than that of Stichting Steun Zim. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marijke, Mr. Goof de Jong and all those whom I could not see but have contributed to the lives of all under-privileged scholars, some of which they have never met face to face.

May your light so shine forever.”